Website Design & Strategy

More and more people are turning to the internet to get information on the products and services they need. Web sites are becoming the most important touchpoint you can have with potential customers. Your site should not just measure up to the competition’s, it should be a well-organized, information-packed, lead-generating machine.

Designing a great website is a balancing act. Usability and clarity must be considered alongside search engine optimization, technical features and visual interest. Copy needs to immediately engage the visitor but can’t be overwhelming. The best, most effective sites have a pleasing, interesting balance of these elements based on the target visitor’s needs.

The designers at Xtreme Brand Makeover are masters at putting the end user’s needs first when designing a website. We realize that potential customers form their initial opinion of a company based on its website. A professional look, relevant content, features and ease of use are essential for a successful site. If visitors don’t think your site measures up they’ll be gone in 10 seconds or LESS.

Your company’s web site is a critical aspect of the overall impression a prospect forms about your company. You not only need to be online, you also need to be doing the right things online for the right reasons; in other words – you need to have a website strategy. Xtreme Brand Makeover can deliver a well planned site with relevant content that can outperform its deep-pocketed rivals who are less focused and savvy with their online presence. That’s a competitive advantage you shouldn’t pass up.

To see the quality and variety of the websites we have produced in the past just view our portfolio.

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