About XBM

Why Choose Xtreme Brand Makeover Over All the Others?

Good question. There are hundreds of companies out there offering marketing advice, website design, $99 logos and more on the internet. What makes XBM any different?

Our goal is NOT to get as many customers as possible.

That would dilute the quality of work we like to produce. We want to attract a small number of businesses that are serious about improving their brand image and using the best techniques to attract new customers. We don’t offer $99 logos or websites because we care about our client’s brand image. Other companies churn out clip art and templates as fast and cheaply as possible. Some even copy existing company’s logos and sell them as original work. Their focus is on volume, volume, volume. We’re not that kind of company and never will be. We produce high-quality, original work that gets results for our customers. That’s why our clients turn to us again and again over the years, trusting us with their marketing projects.

All of our projects are overseen by award-winning designer and XBM founder, Ann Fottler-Pierce.

Ann Fottler-Pierce, Founder and Creative Director, has over 20 years of design and marketing experience. Her award-winning work has been published in the annuals of Graphic Design USA and Print Magazine. Throughout her career she has designed for a wide variety of industries including software, fashion, electronics, manufacturing, finance and healthcare. Ann has an innovative design sense which is balanced by an affinity for strategic thinking and business marketing. This has evolved into the formula behind Xtreme Brand Makeover – combining the best marketing techniques with great design to create effective, efficient marketing strategies for our clients.