What is one of the first things you do when you get home at the end of the day? I bet you get the mail! It’s part of almost everyone’s daily routine. Mail is still one of the easiest ways to reach decision makers. It’s tangible, portable, easily saved and can be read at the prospect’s convenience.

Studies have shown that combining direct mail with online efforts can have a substantial positive effect on web site traffic.

XBM creates effective, memorable catalogs that speak to your target audience and drive sales.

Let us use our experience and award-winning design skills to create a new product catalog for your company. After discussing the project in depth with you we will produce a creative brief to guide the design and copy writing process so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

If we design a new catalog for your company you’ll receive a FREE PDF version that you can begin using on your web site right away.

What’s involved in the design of a good product catalog?

A well-designed catalog gets response! Professional photography, enticing and intriguing headlines, and benefit-driven copy drive prospects to order. The design of a catalog is part art and part science. Product placement, pagination, image size, product density, pricing and many other factors must be evaluated to produce a profitable catalog. Combining a printed catalog with an online version will result in even greater response (see our website solutions for more information).

XBM’s founder, Ann Fottler-Pierce has over ten years of catalog design experience she’d be happy to apply to your project.

How much does a professionally-designed, effective product catalog cost?

Catalog design projects vary greatly from one another. Some companies will already have high-quality product photography available, others will not. The amount of products to be sold, time frame involved and various services needed will all effect the cost. When we discuss your project in detail we will estimate the amount of time involved and the various components needed to complete the project. Then we will provide a written quote with the exact price of your project along with a proposed schedule and list of deliverables.

To see the quality and variety of direct mailers and catalogs we have produced in the past just view our portfolio.

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